ROI: The Fraternity/Sorority

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Fraternities and sororities purchase an incredible number of T-shirts and fleece every year. Every event, party and formal gets its own commemorative garment. This customer segment is young, fashion-conscious, and not terribly price sensitive. This means you can (and should) recommend higher-end, fashion-forward products that will differentiate their group from others on campus.

Here are a few questions to get started:

How sensitive is your group to environmental sustainability and fair labor practices?

  • Hanes has industry-leading CSR practices. Check out this video about how a T-shirt is responsibly made. For additional info, check out

Has your group purchased any garment-dyed tees in the past? Were you pleased with the quality?

  • Garment-dyed tees are on-trend but we have heard they often lack color-consistency and color-fastness, and do not have a reliable spec. Hanes is very pleased to announce we have developed a new process that achieves the garment-dyed look and feel while maintaining color-fastness and consistency. This new vintage color palette is available in our 2014 nano® collection.

Has your group tried any pocket tees lately?

  • Pocket tees are a growing trend on college campuses. The new nano-T® pocket tee is one of only a few lightweight ring-spun pocket tees available, and it is priced better than the competition’s.