ROI: The Local Business Owner

In your community there are businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s Joe’s Landscaping, Sal’s Pizzeria, or Moe’s Tavern, they all need your help making their employees look good and feel comfortable.

Here are a few questions that can help you provide a business owner with the right options:

Will your employees be sweating?

  • Suggest a T-shirt with performance features like Hanes Cool DRI® or Hanes X-Temp™.

Will your employees be working outside?

  • Suggest safety colors for increased visibility, available in many of our T-shirt and fleece styles.

Do your employees wear out their uniforms too quickly?

  • Suggest Beefy-T® or nano-T® tees, available in a wide variety of silhouettes and colors, and made of a ring-spun fabric that is 46% more durable than open-end fabric.