ROI: The Race Director


A local race director is gearing up for the annual 10k and reaches out to you for a quote. You know she is very budget conscious and wants to stretch her dollars as far as they can go. Before you quote a bargain basement T-shirt, consider asking her a few questions:

Do you see people wearing last year’s shirt around town?

How often do you hope people will wear this T-shirt?

How many impressions do you want to generate with this investment?

The bottom line here is that a cheap tee won’t be soft, won’t fit right, and won’t last. Help the race director understand that these tees aren’t a cost but an investment. A comfortable, high quality T-shirt will be worn again and again, generating thousands of impressions of the race logo and creating excitement and awareness of the race for next year. Choosing a high quality T-shirt is one of the most important marketing decisions she can make to grow next year’s race.

Try the Hanes Cool DRI®. It wicks and dries faster than the competition and is guaranteed to be worn again and again! Comes in silhouettes for men, women, and youth – even in long sleeve if the budget permits.

Or try the new Hanes X-Temp: this 60/40 ring-spun fabric has the softest hand in the performance category, and its patented X-Temp technology adjusts to your body temperature to keep you comfortable all day long.